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Ballon verpackt-k Petra und Günter am Ballon-k

Now the balloon is cleaned and packed in the Frankenhalle in Naila, until next year it moves into the “Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte”.
The whole action can be seen on October 1 at the Bavarian Television "Zwischen Spessart and Karwendel".


The escape balloon festival took place on 21.10.1979 in Naila instead.


Sign the guestbook in "Herrmann's Romantik Posthotel" in Wirsberg.

Familie Wetzel

Peter, Andrew, Petra and Günter at "Ludo"

Chateau de Balleroy-k

The shell is torn from the bottom to the top.


The advice of a "good-natured fellow-citizen" was fortunately only a single case

Veste Coburg-k

Visit the
Veste Coburg.

Chateau de Balleroy-2k

Certificates from balloonist meeting at "Chateau de Balleroy" that took place on 8 and 9 June 1980th.

South Africa-k

This balloonist meeting, we were appointed by members of the association as honorary members in balloonists Club Johannesburg.

Ein Ballon aus Baumwolle - Gerd Knesel-k

Original by Gerd Knesel
"An air bag made of cotton".